Comics Preview
Gibbons - 2018.03.16 05:07

These (not final) pages are made for the first episode.

Agent Alastair Drake   C-3PO   Luke Skywalker   Obi-Wan Kenobi   R2-D2   

Gibbons - 2018.03.17 13:50

My all time favorites!


Team photos
Gibbons - 2018.03.17 13:57

Photos about the team!

Ari Agrin   Avina   Captain Debra Taguhee   Gopher   Kira Lucine   Mark Vahan   Toshiro Ogawa   

Gibbons - 2018.03.17 15:46

One picture and a sentence about the protagonists of the comics!

Agent Alastair Drake   Ari Agrin   Avina   Captain Debra Taguhee   Gopher   Kira Lucine   Mark Vahan   R5-D4   Toshiro Ogawa   Zed   

Fear and Loathing in Tantive IV
Gibbons - 2018.03.18 15:38

That scene, capturing and invading Leia's ship, the Tantive IV, at the Episode IV (New Hope), when the crew prepares for the fight, and they faces certain death... goosebumps!

Tantive IV   

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