Background Heroes Comics

The Background Heroes will be a comics series (it's 'in progress' state), published online, free for everyone. These comics are made of photographed LEGO scenes.

The Background Heroes is some kind of alternative Star Wars story (fan fiction) with adventure, humor, action, plenty of pop culture references and sometimes deep thoughts.

The story follows the adventures of a mixed background team who inadvertently always push forward the Star Wars story known to us when reaching their own goals.

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Photographing Leia on Tantive IV
Gibbons - 2018.05.14 14:48 Blog

Yes, everything is just scenery, I don't have a Corellian Corvette!


Photographing Dragon 7 onboard
Gibbons - 2018.05.09 13:41 Blog

Fun fact: All walls and elements can be removed in one motion for easier shooting.


Star Destroyer Devastator
Gibbons - 2018.05.03 15:39 Blog

Photographing a Star Destroyer MOC


Making of the Mos Eisley Cantina (in progress, updated daily)
Gibbons - 2018.04.23 14:11 Blog

One of the world's most famous cantina, must have its place in the comic book.


Gibbons - 2018.04.18 02:49 Blog

When you are working hard on your project you need some rest too!


Straight Outta Tatooine
Gibbons - 2018.04.16 03:14 Blog

"I don't like the sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating..."


Secrets of a Stormtrooper
Gibbons - 2018.04.07 13:06 Blog

He was reluctant to try for the first time... but later...


Faces of Debra
Gibbons - 2018.04.04 13:46 Blog

How can you make different face expressions in a LEGO comic? This way!


Star Destroyer Hangar scene under construction
Gibbons - 2018.03.28 02:12 Blog

During construction, you should always take photos to see how close you are to what's on your mind.


Actors and scenery
Gibbons - 2018.03.24 09:23 Blog

As a child, I was sure, my toys are living their lifes when I'm not around (like in Toy Story). If it's true, then they surely party hard.


Best Star Wars Albums
Gibbons - 2018.03.20 11:10 Blog

These are not related with the upcoming comics, I just had some spare time, and you know, the voices in my head... they made me to do it!


Fear and Loathing in Tantive IV
Gibbons - 2018.03.18 15:38 Gallery

That scene, capturing and invading Leia's ship, the Tantive IV, at the Episode IV (New Hope), when the crew prepares for the fight, and they faces certain death... goosebumps!


Gibbons - 2018.03.17 15:46 Gallery

One picture and a sentence about the protagonists of the comics!


Photographing Mos Eisley
Gibbons - 2018.03.16 05:21 Blog

"Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."


Comics Preview
Gibbons - 2018.03.16 05:07 Gallery

These (not final) pages are made for the first episode.


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