Me, the Background Heroes Comics and You

I'm Nandor Garics from Budapest, Hungary. I work as an IT professional, I love movies, comics, books, and I'm a LEGO fan since my childhood. I'm an oldschool Star Wars fan too, not that hardcore one who thinks everything is gold, what has SW labels on, but the original trilogy hit me when I was a kid, and my fate has sealed.

I passionately love creating new things both in work and in my spare time.

I've been making and publishing online short LEGO comic strips for almost seven years. As a storyteller, my lifetime learning project is researching the perfect way to interpret stories. I think comics are one of the best format for this: they are simple, can be visually clear, capable to tell funny and serious stories as well.

The first notes about a team's adventures in space in my notebook are from 2014. Over the years I've completed the characters and their backgrounds, wrote the script, made hundreds of concept arts and drafts with my friends, started collecting and building thematic LEGO sets, and my own buildings, and developed my photography skills.

Now, everything is ready to start the Background Heroes comic series, but it needs your help!

The Story

The Background Heroes is some kind of Star Wars parody, tells an alternative Star Wars story with adventure, humor, action, plenty of pop culture references and sometimes deep thoughts.

We all know the story of the original, sacred trilogy: a young man joins with a few notorious figures in the Rebellion against the evil Empire. After many adventures, turns and excitement, he finds some true friends, faces his destiny, rescues his father, and the Rebellion overwhelms the Empire.

But is this the whole story? What if they beat us? What if they are not even the real heroes of the story we have known so far? What if those were  not the droids, the stormtroopers were looking for? What if the Death Star did not explode because of Luke Skywalker's proton torpedoes, as we  have known so far? What if the Empire and Rebellion are not what we believed?

The story follows the adventures of a mixed background team who inadvertently always push forward the Star Wars story known to us when reaching their own goals. The team seeks to survive on or beyond legitimacy: they smuggle people and goods on their spaceship, sometimes steal things, and sometimes do smaller military actions such as overthrowing a repressive kingdom or accidentally destroying an Imperial fleet.

At the beginning of the story - successfully escaping the complications of capturing Princess Leia by the Empire - they arrive at Tatooine, where a mysterious client wants them to steal an artifact from Jabba's palace.

The team - added with an unfortunate Imperial Stormtrooper and a dedicated Twi'lek dancer - starts an avalanche that can decide the destiny of the Empire and the Rebellion, and it blends into a mysterious and dark matter that runs to the highest level of the Empire.


I've been making LEGO comics in Hungarian language for many years and I really love this genre.

Comic book making is a very exciting thing: there is a story you want to tell, there is a blank paper and you have to draw everything you have in your head and everything you have dreamed of.

Making a LEGO comics is much like this, but you do not draw but build it. This has an interesting consequence: in a LEGO comic book, everything is real, you have to build every piece of it. Then you set up the scene, set the lights on, and take the photos. There is no CGI here - ok, there is a little bit sometimes-, and there are no actors too, that is a real challenge if you want to build characters.

Why we need help, and where your funding will go?

I have spent thousand dollars for LEGO sets and bricks, camera and lenses. Although I'm an experienced LEGO comic strip maker, I had to face the fact:

Even if I have a great script and characters, the project have serious technical conditions, and lots - I mean really lots - of time.

We have to buy lighting kits and stands for photography, I'm using some old table lamps, and DIY LED lights now.
I use a very small office after working hours - and on holidays - on a courtesy basis, but I have to rent a room for the project. I have tons of LEGO, and need space for building and photography.
I have a limited web hosting place, I have to rent one with greater bandwith limit.
At last, but the greatest pain: planning, building, photographing, photo and comics editing, publishing really takes a lot of time. I can't be done, if I only offer my free time. I have to work on it as a part time job...

Flexible goals

Reaching the target

12 episodes of the story, in one year. 

After 6 weeks the end of this campaign I will publish the first episode, the following episodes will come monthly.

The script follows the events of the original Star Wars trilogy (Episode IV, V, VI), although I have notes after that (so has Mr Lucas, but no one took it into consideration as I heard ;) ). I divided my episodes into 12 pieces (4 episode per a movie), so it needs one year to finish them. This will happen, reaching the target goal.

Target is exceeded

Better funding means more time to spend on this project, so every cent will spend on speeding up, make it better, and working on the episodes after the Return of Jedi era.


Not reaching the target

You have to know, I have worked so much on this project, so I will do it anyway, the only question is, how much time will it take, and when will I finish it. It  depends on the funds I can collect.
My Team

I can't thank enough my team supporting and spending all nights with me helping this dream come true. I'm not alone in this project, web developers and designers, creative consultant, and experienced LEGO builders are behind me.

If you can't contribute, but still want to help

If you like my project, you can help me anyway!

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